Symus Barne

Grand Master of the The Order of Tholon, Ruler of the Tholonian Empire


Though his physical and mental prowess do not show his age, Grand Master Barne is nearing the end of his story. Barne stands an astounding 6’4" and appears to be quite strong. He can almost always be seen wearing full plate mail that has the Emblem of the Order emblazoned on the breastplate. His presence is said to be awe-inspiring and he is well loved by his people.


“Originally an orphan, living in one of the children’s homes in Broweheath, Barne joined the Order at the young age of 12. He worked his way through the ranks eventually becoming the youngest member ever appointed to the High Court at the age of 42. After serving on the Court for 12 years, he was chosen to become the new Grand Master when Grand Master Berio’s story reached its conclusion.”

-A History of the Tholonian Empire

Symus Barne

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