Lahfri Aric

Governor of Bietenwald


Lahfri Aric is an attractive middle-aged man with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is a nice enough person, though he doesn’t particularly enjoy meeting with people he does not know. He is currently 43 years old.


Lahfri Aric is the newest ruler in the Empire, having only been appointed governor 3 years ago. Before this, he served as captain of the guard for 6 years. He did a superb job keeping the crime rate low and protecting the citizens of Bietenwald. He was well respected by his men, and the merchant class put great trust in him. While he was captain there was not a single strike or major complaint launched by the unions thanks to Aric’s ability to negotiate any conflicts and bring them to a settlement. Since becoming governor, the crime rate has drastically dropped and the quality of life continues to rise. The city has seen more growth in the last 3 years than it has since the last great war.

Lahfri Aric

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