Lady Cece Cardaye

Ruler of Osgate


Lady Cece Cardaye is a beautiful young woman with shining golden hair and a honey-colored complexion. She is said to have a smile warmer than the sun and demeanor that can melt even the coldest of hearts. She is well liked by everyone she meets and has few if any enemies.


Lady Cece Cardaye has been the favorite daughter of Osgate since she was a baby. Her father, Lord Garrison Cardaye, was a much loved ruler, and his daughter was revered by the whole city. Lord Cardaye died when Lady Cece was just 14. Many thought she was too young and tried to appoint a regent to rule in her place until she was 18. Being the clever child she was, she blocked this move and took the throne herself. She immediately proved a wise a capable leader far beyond her years. She only improved the prosperity and happiness that her father established during his rule and is heralded as the most benevolent and successful ruler in the history of Osgate. Though she has worn the crown of Osgate for 20 years, she is still the youngest ruler in the empire.

Lady Cece Cardaye

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