Eris Critans

Ruler of Pouche


Critans has thick brown hair and sharp blue eyes, and an unusual scar on his arm. He can typically be seen wearing hide armor and carrying a massive spear and bow. Eris stands 6’ tall and is 47 years old. His rough personality causes him to seem unapproachable and off-putting, though those who know him well say you will never meet a more loyal and caring friend in all your life.


Eris Critans is haggard and rough but not cruel. He leads his people with a firm but gentle hand, and is well respected in the United Realms. As is tradition in the Critans family, Eris was trained as a hunter and makes an annual pilgrimage to the great forest to slay a large beast. This beast is then brought back to the city to be prepared for a feast. The night he returns from his pilgrimage marks the beginning of the week long Festival of the Great Hunt, which celebrates the bounty provided to them by the land.

Eris Critans

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