Edward Rancent

Lord Craythorp


Edward Rancent is a bizarre and eccentric old man. Standing just under 6’ tall, with long white hair, his jolly demeanor and erratic behavior make him quite an interesting character. He frequently, and with little warning, holds parades through the city for seemingly no other reason than to entertain his people. Most people find him very strange, if not unstable, but they appreciate his benevolence.


Like most of the Rancents before him, Rancent has a peculiar fascination with statues, and the family has amassed a large collection from all over the world. The statues are held in the large central courtyard in Castle Craythorp which has become known as the Stone Garden. Edward Rancent has been known to disappear with no clue as to where he has gone, only to reappear days or even weeks later. When asked where he was, he merely replies “on vacation” and refuses to say more.

Edward Rancent

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