Dinia Emel

Ruler of Olvena


Dinia Emel is an old, kind woman. Often called the Matron of Olvena, many people see her as a surrogate grandmother, and she sees her people as the children she never had. She is a very gentle and loving woman, but she will protect her people with a swift and terrible retribution.


Lady Emel had ruled Olvena in the ten years since her husband’s death. She is a strong and compassionate ruler and has upheld the legacy of her husband’s success. Under her rule, the people of Olvena continue to be prosperous and happy. For a city of its size, the Order of Tholon has a surprisingly low presence in Olvena. This is because Lady Emel has been quite vocal in recent years about her dislike of the the Order. She sees them as harsh and at times zealous bullies who put their own power and wealth above the needs of the lower classes. This has caused some tension with the Order and the rest of the Empire, but due to the importance of the Olvenan naval fleet, the Inner Circle has had little option but to tolerate her criticism.

Dinia Emel

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