Places and Factions in Ellorien

The world of Ellorien is divided into 4 major continents, each home to various nation-states and factions.

The United Realms

Located in the northwest continent of Ryndalia, The United Realms is composed of six nations who were once bitter enemies. After a massive 150 year war ravaged the continent, the Order of Thrinain was established and finally brought peace to the land. The nations have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity for the last century thanks to the efforts of the Order. As a part of the treaty, the Order established Ondath Gisae as a neutral city in the center of Ryndalia with a presence from all six nations that serves as a center for peacekeeping and goodwill between them.

The Six Nation-States of Ryndahlia
The Tholonian Empire
The Liaathan Collective
The Republic of Nucia

Neutral Factions
The Order of Thrinain

The Tyrant’s Pact

Home to the Tyrant’s Pact, Vilcara is the northeastern-most continent. The two nations that inhabit Vilcara are reluctant allies at best. They have achieved a mutual peace only out of necessity. The pact was formed 25 years ago in order to repel Tholonian invaders, but has stayed intact as both nations realized they were able to benefit from their collaboration. Though these nations could not be more different, two commonalities bring these groups together: their worship of the Tyrant and their hatred of the Tholonian Empire.

Nations of Vilcara

The Dragon Wastes

The Dragon Wastes lie just south of Vilcara and are home to a hostile, nearly inhospitable desert, full of savage barbarian tribes and vicious dragons. The Tholonian Empire and Tenochitli have established small colonies here, but both are barely surviving the harsh environment and frequent barbarian raids. The majority of the continent is inhabited by two barbarian clans, both of which are broken down into dozens of small tribes. Relatively little is known about these primitive cultures.

Clans of the Dragon Wastes
The Dragon Children
The Blood Hammer Clan


The mysterious island-nation of Kirazu is located south of Ryndalia. This nation stays secluded, trading very little with other nations and remaining out of international politics.

Cities of Kirazu

Places and Factions in Ellorien

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