Ruler: Dinia Emel
Population: ~8,000
Racial Makeup: 89% Human, 6% Half-Elf, 5% Other

The coastal city of Olvena is the naval powerhouse of the Tholonian Empire. The massive Tholonian warships are built and docked in this majestic city on the sea. The oldest city in the Empire, Olvena boasts spectacular architecture and is a center for the arts. Established nearly a century ago, the Bard’s College of Olvena trains the majority of minstrels, artists, actors, and poets in the empire. This college is so well renowned, people from every nation travel to Olvena to study.

The city is ruled by Lady Dinia Emel, who took the throne after her husband’s death 10 years ago. The couple never had children, and there is much contention as to who will take the throne after Lady Emel’s death.

New Olvena
During Lord Emel’s rule, Olvena established a colony on the coast of the Dragon Wastes. New Olvena as it was named was set up to help the Empire gain an upper hand in their skirmishes against the goblinoids of Tenochitli. The colony is struggling to survive the brutal desert and the seemingly endless barbarian raids. They have had some success in befriending the Dragon Children tribes, though this has seemed to only further instigate the Blood Hammer tribes.


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