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Prologue: The who, what, when, where, and why of your character.

The campaign will begin nearly a century after the last great war. The United Realms have been at peace for quite some time, and life is pretty good. You live in the small town of Mayhill (population 350), south of Pouche. You have lived here for a long time (perhaps your whole life), and you are a prominent and well respected member of the town. You have done limited travelling in recent years, and even if you aren’t a member of the town council, the mayor frequently seeks your help and advice. Word has has reached Mayhill that many nearby towns have been suffering from an infestation of rats, and the mayor has called a town meeting to discuss ways to keep these rats out of Mayhill.

Character Background

As this campaign takes place in a world based on fairy tales, it is going to be heavily influenced by story creation and story telling. For that reason I would love it if everyone would provide me with a background of his/her character (the more detail the better!). I do not want to limit your creativity, but in order for the campaign to work, your character must be some sort of hero. He/she can be dark or flawed, but he/she cannot be a selfish, evil, killing machine as this simply will not work for the party.

Some crucial questions to ask yourself include:

  1. Who is your character? What is their role in the town (part of the town guard, shop keeper, town healer, etc.)?
  2. How did your character come to live in Mayhill?
  3. What does your character know of his/her family heritage?
  4. How does your character act and what does he/she look like?
  5. What is your character’s past like?

If you add your character’s back story to the character tab of this wiki, you will receive a special in game reward (see Starting Equipment below)!

Prohibited Material

When creating a character, you may play any class, and choose powers and class builds from any source except the Dark Sun books. You may not use any themes that are specific to a faction from another setting (i.e. Harper Agent or Masked Lord). The following races are prohibited: Bladeling, Duergar, Githyanki, Kalashtar, and Thri-Kreen. If you think you can justify any prohibited material, talk to me and we will see if we can make it work!

Building a Character and Starting Equipment

Your character will start at level one, and you can use either the standard arrays or the point buy system to determine your ability scores. Your character will start with 100g with which to purchase equipment. In addition, if you provide me with a character background, you will receive a unique magic item that I will create especially for your character. This “family heirloom” can be any sort of item (weapon, bracers, wondrous item, etc.) and will grow in power as your character gains levels. When you submit your character background, be sure to tell me what type of item you would like your heirloom to be, and what you might like it to do!

Bonus Language
Because the magic in Ellorien is tied to the spoken word (see Background and Lore), your character will gain a bonus language based on his/her power source.

Power Source Language
Arcane Draconic
Divine Dwarven
Martial None
Primal Elven
Psionic None
Shadow Dwarven

Homebrew/House rules
If you have a character concept or story that you are dying to play, and you cannot make it work with the available materials, talk to me! I want your character to have an amazing story and if that mean changing some keywords, creating feats, or even designing new classes or builds, then I am open to your ideas! I will work with you to create a character that fits your story!

Meta Information

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