Background and Lore


According to legend, millions of years ago Father Time and Mother Nature were the only beings in existence, living in an unending nothingness. After a while, they decided they would like to have children to watch over. Father Time wrote an elaborate story detailing everything he wished for their world and their children, and Mother Nature breathed life into this story. While Father Time filled the seas and sculpted the mountains, Mother Nature brought forth children, creating every plant, animal, and race. As their world grew and evolved, several of their children accomplished great deeds and were granted immense power and immortality. These children, in addition to Father Time and Mother Nature, make up the pantheon that is worshiped today.

The Story that Father Time wrote is said to be a great prophecy that details the entire past, present, and future of Ellorien. Some people believe that The Story is a physical object that can manipulate and alter reality. Some believe that The Story is present in all living things, whispered by the wind, written in the stars, reflected in the water, and that it can be deciphered and understood, but not changed. Most, however, think it is simply a story made up to explain to children the unknowable.

Ellorien Pantheon

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good The Knight The Godmother The Blue Fairy
Neutral Father Time The Hunstman Mother Nature
Evil The Tyrant The Witch The Trickster


Ellorien is a world infused with latent magical energy. Thousands of years ago, the mortal races of Ellorien discovered that by manipulating the words they spoke, they could control this energy. Each source of magic is innately tied to a specific language, and those who wish to master a specific type of magic, must also master its corresponding language.

Arcane – Dragons were the first creatures to tap into the latent arcane energy in the world. Arcane magic users draw their power from Draconic words.

Primal – The fey creatures, always Mother Nature’s favorite children, were gifted with the ability to tap into the latent primal energy of the world. By becoming one with the ancient Elven words, primal magic users can weave this power into their own.

Divine – When Father Time created the dwarves, he gave them the ability to understand the magic of the gods. It is said that the dwarven runes capture the very essence of the thing or concept they represent. Divine magic users chant in Dwarven to channel their power. Before her ascension, The Witch discovered a way to corrupt these holy words of power to unlock a dangerous and powerful new source of magic, Shadow magic. She passed this knowledge on to her apprentices, and they spread it across the the globe.

Psionic – Looked at very skeptically by many, psionic magic was developed by researchers studying the Shardmind who grow from crystals infused with a mysterious power source. The Shardmind have the inborn ability to communicate telepathically and affect their world with a simple thought. These researchers discovered that by twisting and distorting the Common language, they could access these abilities as well. What makes people especially wary of Psionic magic, is that some very skilled psionicists can actually channel their power by merely thinking, rather than saying, these words of power.

Unique Races

Sea Elves
Many millenia ago, a small tribe of elves decided to leave their ancestral home on the river banks and seek greater knowledge elsewhere. They traveled south and discovered the island chain now known as Theronai. These sea that surrounded these islands was once home to a kingdom of Merfolk. The elves and Merfolk became great friends and allies, and eventually elves and merfolk began marrying. These unions resulted in what are now known as the Sea Elves. These sea elves possess the dexterity, grace, and long lives of their elven cousins, with many signs of their merfolk ancestors as well. Their skin possesses a blue hue, and along their necks are shallow ridges, remnants of gills. These gills do not let them breath under water, but they help them to hold their breath for extended periods of time. Their fingers and toes are also slightly webbed, allowimg them to swim much faster than average elves.

Background and Lore

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